Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pottery Finds

Recently I have been more "attracted" to pottery planters.  I have a few of the green shallow rectangle ones,  but the pattern and shiny cream finish on this one caught my eye.

Until two weeks ago, I didn't own any figural planters.  I saw a ton of them on my shopping trip to the mountains, but only bought one.  This will be a slow collection in the making, as my favorites are Shawnee and more than I like to pay for one item!  Thrift shopping has ruined me for antique mall shopping- you all know what I mean! 

The one I bought- American Bisque for $4.  It was in one of the 50% off booths.   He does look lonely, though.  Maybe I can do a little shopping this weekend....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finds From the Thrifting/Antique Trip

Finally, I have some pictures of a few of the things I found on my trip.  It's snowing here again today, so the light wasn't good for photos.

My favorite item- this spring green metal Happy Easter sign.  I almost didn't get it, but Mom talked me into it, and now I'm really glad she did.  Found the teacups yesterday, and I picked up the other Easter stuff here and there in the last month or so.

I've been on a bird kick lately, and last weekend it turned toward owls.  This one has a notepad and pencil.  It's marked Miller Collection 1970.

These are also marked Miller Collection- but are from 1977.  They are so cute.  I need to find a good place in the kitchen to hang these.

I'll post the pottery pieces I bought later this week.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Basement Floor is Covered in Green

I have been lax in posting pictures of my finds from last weekend's shopping trip, or fiasco, if you read my last post.  The reason being.....

My real "job"- as a Greenhouse Grower/Organic Vegetable Farmer.  My little hands have been busy transplanting almost 800 plants this week.  Trying to get everything ready for the greenhouse next month.  Tomatoes started from seed last month are huge already!

This is one of the azaleas I propogated from my Grandmother's yard in July 2008.  It is now in bloom in our basement!  That shine on the leaves is from an enormous grow light.  You almost need sunglasses to go down there.

Petunias, verbena, fuschia, coleus, begonia, I've seen them all this week! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mother Daughter Thrifting Field Trip- Day One

Okay, I said I would keep you updated from the road, but there were several incidents along the way!  First, I forgot my camera, so the only trip photos I have were taken with my iphone. 

Second, halfway through the first day, I lost my keys in an antique mall.  A very large antique mall!  So after an hour of looking for them, with the store staff and several very helpful strangers assisting, I made the call.  My husband was supposed to be enjoying a few days to himself, but I really messed that up for him.  I called and told him my dilemma.  Saturday afternoon = no Nissan dealership open in the area; and our hotel reservation an hour farther.  So, an hour and ten minutes later, he arrived with another car key.  Poor man.  I really hated to have him drive almost two and a half hours, but there was no other option.  I'll probably never live that one down!

By the time we got back on the road, it was 4:30.  My goofy self had wasted over two hours of shopping time, so I headed straight for the hotel, since everything we wanted to see closed at 5.  Here are a few pics of some good stuff I saw.

Cute Dennison Easter Egg embellishments

The chalkware mafia.  This is the scariest group of chalkware I've ever seen at one time!

The only two pleasant chalkware mafia members.  Although the one on the left looks like he's being disciplined!

As soon as I take some pics of the things I bought, I will post them.  I did get some cute stuff.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thrifting Trip This Weekend!

So I'm heading out for a short trip this weekend in search of fabulous thrifts and antique malls.  Haven't shopped this region before, so it should be interesting!  I will keep you posted from the road.  Have a great weekend everyone!