Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pottery Finds

Recently I have been more "attracted" to pottery planters.  I have a few of the green shallow rectangle ones,  but the pattern and shiny cream finish on this one caught my eye.

Until two weeks ago, I didn't own any figural planters.  I saw a ton of them on my shopping trip to the mountains, but only bought one.  This will be a slow collection in the making, as my favorites are Shawnee and more than I like to pay for one item!  Thrift shopping has ruined me for antique mall shopping- you all know what I mean! 

The one I bought- American Bisque for $4.  It was in one of the 50% off booths.   He does look lonely, though.  Maybe I can do a little shopping this weekend....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finds From the Thrifting/Antique Trip

Finally, I have some pictures of a few of the things I found on my trip.  It's snowing here again today, so the light wasn't good for photos.

My favorite item- this spring green metal Happy Easter sign.  I almost didn't get it, but Mom talked me into it, and now I'm really glad she did.  Found the teacups yesterday, and I picked up the other Easter stuff here and there in the last month or so.

I've been on a bird kick lately, and last weekend it turned toward owls.  This one has a notepad and pencil.  It's marked Miller Collection 1970.

These are also marked Miller Collection- but are from 1977.  They are so cute.  I need to find a good place in the kitchen to hang these.

I'll post the pottery pieces I bought later this week.