Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Basement Floor is Covered in Green

I have been lax in posting pictures of my finds from last weekend's shopping trip, or fiasco, if you read my last post.  The reason being.....

My real "job"- as a Greenhouse Grower/Organic Vegetable Farmer.  My little hands have been busy transplanting almost 800 plants this week.  Trying to get everything ready for the greenhouse next month.  Tomatoes started from seed last month are huge already!

This is one of the azaleas I propogated from my Grandmother's yard in July 2008.  It is now in bloom in our basement!  That shine on the leaves is from an enormous grow light.  You almost need sunglasses to go down there.

Petunias, verbena, fuschia, coleus, begonia, I've seen them all this week! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mother Daughter Thrifting Field Trip- Day One

Okay, I said I would keep you updated from the road, but there were several incidents along the way!  First, I forgot my camera, so the only trip photos I have were taken with my iphone. 

Second, halfway through the first day, I lost my keys in an antique mall.  A very large antique mall!  So after an hour of looking for them, with the store staff and several very helpful strangers assisting, I made the call.  My husband was supposed to be enjoying a few days to himself, but I really messed that up for him.  I called and told him my dilemma.  Saturday afternoon = no Nissan dealership open in the area; and our hotel reservation an hour farther.  So, an hour and ten minutes later, he arrived with another car key.  Poor man.  I really hated to have him drive almost two and a half hours, but there was no other option.  I'll probably never live that one down!

By the time we got back on the road, it was 4:30.  My goofy self had wasted over two hours of shopping time, so I headed straight for the hotel, since everything we wanted to see closed at 5.  Here are a few pics of some good stuff I saw.

Cute Dennison Easter Egg embellishments

The chalkware mafia.  This is the scariest group of chalkware I've ever seen at one time!

The only two pleasant chalkware mafia members.  Although the one on the left looks like he's being disciplined!

As soon as I take some pics of the things I bought, I will post them.  I did get some cute stuff.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thrifting Trip This Weekend!

So I'm heading out for a short trip this weekend in search of fabulous thrifts and antique malls.  Haven't shopped this region before, so it should be interesting!  I will keep you posted from the road.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Giveaway Winner!

My new blog friend Linda at A LA CARTE reached some milestones last month.  On her 50th post, with over 50 followers, she posted The Big 50 giveaway.  I entered and ended up being the lucky runner up. She sent me an amazing box full of good stuff!

Bright bird notecards to get me in the Spring spirit,

A set of blue and white Asian print cloth napkins, a pretty silver frame and Victorian calendar,

A blue and white Asian print plate, and a set of wood handled cheese forks!

She also tucked in a pretty blue and pink apron.  I couldn't get the right lighting on it to show the print very well, so I'll have to try again when there is more sun. 

Thank you, thank you Linda!  You are a thoughtful lady and I love reading your posts! 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Valentine Card Party

Happy Valentine's Day!  Joan at Anything Goes Here is hosting a Vintage Valentine Card Party.  Click over to see her list of participants.  There you will find many bloggers displaying beautiful vintage Valentine cards and decorations.

My vintage Valentine collection is all from my Grandmom.  She saved everything, and I am happy to share some of her memories with you.

This is the first Valentine card my Grandmom gave to my Grandfather in 1946.   It's hard to see in the picture, but the center is sort of a puffy satin pillow.

The inside of the card.  "All my love belongs to you"  Wow.  You go Grandmom!!

A page from Grandmom's scrapbook.  She even kept a napkin from a Valentine dinner, and the label from the hairbrush Grandad gave her as part of her Valentine gift.

My Mom's first Valentine card

A card to my Great Grandmother from my Mom-  1948

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Recently I have been on a "bird" kick.  It seems every thrift store I hit has some kind of bird item that I am instantly attracted to.  A few weeks ago I found a couple of lovebirds that came home with me.

The small birds were with some craft supplies I bought in a grab bag.  The porcelain birds are a Fitz and Floyd salt and pepper set. 

I love their little lovebird nest!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Crafty Cake Circle Attempt

This is what I do now after my husband and son have gone to bed.  In the quiet of the living room with our chocolate lab Casey asleep at my feet, I watch old movies that I recorded from TCM.  The DVR is a wonderful thing.  I never get to watch what I want to during prime time (except American Idol), but that's okay, I know later I will have my ALONE TIME!  I enjoyed watching "South Pacific" and "A Letter to Three Wives" while I worked on this Valentine project.

Back in the summer when I started really getting into reading vintage and crafty blogs, I came across a project using cardboard cake circles and decorating them in collage style.  I cannot remember the blogger featuring this project, if you know who it might be, please let me know so I can link and give her credit.

The circles are easy to find.  The ones I used were the smaller 8 inch Wilton cake circles.  They were $4.50 for a pack of 10 at WalMart, I think. That was the only "new" item used.  After printing a vintage Valentine I found online, I created what I hope Grandmom will like for Valentine's Day.  I thought the tea theme was so sweet.  Anything anthropomorphic is cute in my book! 

Attached to the back is a ring of ruffled crepe paper that I sewed on the machine.  That was my first try at that too!  I used some of the crepe paper I got in my thrifting haul last week.  Also from last week, the hot pink chenille stems (NOS) are glued to the edge.  I added some flowers and leaves that I got in a thrifted grab bag a few months ago.  The sheet music is from a box lot I bought at an auction.  I turned it a little so it's not centered.  I just liked how that looked.  Stuff like that drives my Mom crazy, but I just think it makes things more interesting!

It was fun to make, and I'm working on another vintage Valentine creation now. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More From Last Week's Thrift Haul

Some more things I found on my thrifting adventure last week. 

Last week I told you about my new thrifting grounds, and how excited I was to find new stores!  I noticed when I started unwrapping everything that I had a little yellow theme going, so I decided to group those together to show you.   The sunlight was almost gone when I took this picture- sorry for the poor quality.

A Pyrex lemonade decanter with a perfect plastic lid.  I have the larger orange juice one already, but the lid has seen better days. 

A little duck planter for spring and Easter decorating. 

Two red/yellow umbrella mugs.  I also found a pink/orange set.  I love these Made in Japan stacking mugs.  I have two sets of Christmas mugs already....maybe this is the beginning of a collection.

My favorite has to be the ceramic trolley car.  It looks like maybe it was a part of something else at one point, possibly mounted on a musical base? 

I love the detail on the passengers.   Makes me want to go to San Fransisco!