Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Crafty Cake Circle Attempt

This is what I do now after my husband and son have gone to bed.  In the quiet of the living room with our chocolate lab Casey asleep at my feet, I watch old movies that I recorded from TCM.  The DVR is a wonderful thing.  I never get to watch what I want to during prime time (except American Idol), but that's okay, I know later I will have my ALONE TIME!  I enjoyed watching "South Pacific" and "A Letter to Three Wives" while I worked on this Valentine project.

Back in the summer when I started really getting into reading vintage and crafty blogs, I came across a project using cardboard cake circles and decorating them in collage style.  I cannot remember the blogger featuring this project, if you know who it might be, please let me know so I can link and give her credit.

The circles are easy to find.  The ones I used were the smaller 8 inch Wilton cake circles.  They were $4.50 for a pack of 10 at WalMart, I think. That was the only "new" item used.  After printing a vintage Valentine I found online, I created what I hope Grandmom will like for Valentine's Day.  I thought the tea theme was so sweet.  Anything anthropomorphic is cute in my book! 

Attached to the back is a ring of ruffled crepe paper that I sewed on the machine.  That was my first try at that too!  I used some of the crepe paper I got in my thrifting haul last week.  Also from last week, the hot pink chenille stems (NOS) are glued to the edge.  I added some flowers and leaves that I got in a thrifted grab bag a few months ago.  The sheet music is from a box lot I bought at an auction.  I turned it a little so it's not centered.  I just liked how that looked.  Stuff like that drives my Mom crazy, but I just think it makes things more interesting!

It was fun to make, and I'm working on another vintage Valentine creation now. 


  1. Paige that is sooooo cute! You did a great job. I love old movies also. I got your gift mailed today!
    Always, Linda

  2. I think this is beautiful and if it were me,I would be thrilled to get something so sweet.

  3. What a wonderful idea! I love to collage, but have never really explored it.You've done a beautiful job with this!i understand about staying up nights...Sometimes, you just have to be left alone with your creativity.I'm definitely going to try this.Thanks so much for joining my blog and thank you for the lovely inspiration!

  4. Ahh, the precious ALONE time...don't you just love it...I find it's the best time to get right into my stuff and be totally creative!

    thanks for sharing..I will read on some more...

    come for a visit on my blog too sometime, you might like what I do also



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