Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bea West-- Is That Like Mae West?

 If you knew my husband, you would understand that title.  He has a witty comment for everything.  When I showed him my favorite vintage Christmas treasure from today, he focused on the brand of the felt gift trims- "Bea West".  When I saw these, I almost ran to the other side of the table to grab them before anyone else could.

These are so cute- even if someone had already cut out the "tag" part.

Two Gurley candles- well loved is a gentle way to describe them- but they're Gurley candles just the same!  I now have three in my fledgling collection.  I'll try the hairdryer trick to straighten them a bit.  Maybe some soap and water would help too.

I love the fact that the labels are intact- and that I paid only 25 cents each for them.

These two little jewels were in the bottom of a basket jumbled with homemade ornaments and unfinished craft projects.  The pink circus car one is made by Doubl-Glo and has a little reindeer inside. Perfect holiday kitsch!  The other is a miniature metal store that I thought was interesting.

Last but not least is a diecut Santa garland.  I now have three of these, all bought from the same store but on different days.  Hardly ever find the exact same thing at a thrift store, but I'm glad I keep spotting these.

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  1. A hairdryer! You're a genius! I just got some of these candles, too, and have them sitting in a window, waiting for sunlight. (I tried a microwave once - not a good idea.)


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