Friday, September 4, 2009

I Heart Pyrex

I did a little cleaning yesterday. I want to have things semi-organized before the new addition to the house is finished. The Pyrex cabinet needed dusting, so I took everything off of it and washed it. Still working on how to arrange it back on the shelves. Even Pyrex needs a change once in a while.
My love affair with Pyrex started last year at the Metrolina Fairgrounds Antique Market. I have always thought Pyrex was fun and practical, but never really started collecting it. That changed last fall when everywhere I looked I saw Primary Refrigerator Sets, Gooseberry Mixing Bowls, Snowflake Casseroles, etc. I started with a humble blue Butterprint refrigerator dish. Of course at that time, I didn't know what I was looking at until I found the go-to, all inclusive super Pyrex resource- Amazing pictures, descriptions, pattern names, even directions on how to safely clean it. The folks there have amazing collections and wonderful displays featured on the related flickr account. Love looking at everyone's favorite pieces and reading stories on how they found them.

It's easy to find Pyrex at the market or antique store, but to "happen upon it", at the thrift store or yard sale, that's just pure joy! My first by accident Pyrex piece was found at the local Salvation Army for $2. I had no idea what the pattern name was, so of course I bought it and went straight home to find the pattern name at Pyrex Love. I was happy to find that the piece I had was from a 1959 promotion. The name- Dandelion Duet. Who knew a $2 purchase could make me this happy? When my husband got home, I showed him the piece, explained the name, blah, blah, blah. He just gave me that blank stare as if to say----and? He didn't get it. He's learned now to feign interest in my Pyrex or whatever glass lovely I bring home, just so I'll be done talking about it and he can turn his attention back to Sportscenter.

As soon as my cold/allergy/whatever evil I am suffering with eases up, I hope to go happen upon a few more pieces. Pyrex therapy. It does a body good.


  1. What, no love for Blue Ridge pottery anymore? I was also wondering, whatever happened to that Hoosier cabinet?

  2. I still have the Blue Ridge, just haven't displayed it in a while. Funny you should mention the Hoosier- during this renovation, the washer and dryer are moving to a new laundry area, so the Hoosier is getting another facelift and will be added to the kitchen. You know I still love a good auction!


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